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RACE Control Bar | Flysurfer Kiteboarding New
INFINITY 3.0 Airstyle Bar - take control


Hydrofoil, Race

The RACE Control Bar: smooth, functional, compact. It is a perfect balance between ergonomics and rigidity thanks to the highest quality materials and components. The fastest and most precise trimming ever, without compromising on durability. The cockpit of choice for winners.

TECHNOLOGY4 line control bar
SKILLSIntermediate - Professional
SIZES[M] 55 cm




"Minimalism at its best. Highest functionality, ISO compliant and the sleekest look. Reliable on and off the racecourse. From foilers, for foilers."

Christoph Hesina, FLYSURFER


Clam-Cleat Adjuster


The carbon reinforced bar stick is particularly stiff. It is protected by a color coded, abrasion resistant EVA grip and is available in size [M]. The complete RACE Control Bar weighs in at …kg. The grip is excellent in cold or wet conditions and is very comfortable. The bar features integrated winders with no width adjustment option.

DLX+ Material


The push-away quick release, which has been tested for years and is absolutely reliable, is ISO 21853 compliant. The ergonomic handle enables the kite to be released quickly and easily in case of an emergency. The RACE Control Bar comes standard with the Small Chicken Loop made for use on water, land and snow.

Triple Depower


A 3:1 redirected RACE adjuster allows for fine adjustment of the line ratio (length of front lines to steering lines). The Race adjuster is gradual, and the operation is smooth, requiring minimal effort.

Verstärkte Konstruktion


The Dyneema covered depower rope has excellent load bearing capacity. It is protected by a plastic weave mesh which allows the RACE Control Bar to run smoothly and cleanly through the optimized single-hole eyelet. Another highlight is the ability to adjust the total depower throw length to suit the individual.

LIROS Dynemma Leinen


The particularly slim design of the RACE Control Bar is further enhanced by the aerodynamically designed floaters and flying lines. The low stretch “Deep Black” DC300 front lines are attached to the Ronstan pulley in the center and are built to withstand the enormous amount of force created by hydrofoil racing. The thin DC161 back lines are designed for absolute performance and can be shortened using a knot adjuster underneath the floater. The RACE Control Bar is configured with 12m flying lines and 3m extensions.

Rigid Foil Technologie


The RACE Control Bar supports all single front-line safety systems. After activating the QR 4.0 the bar slides up to the kite on a single front line, the kite flags out completely.

RACE Control Bar … on the winning end

The choice of materials for the RACE Control Bar creates the perfect harmony of performance and reliability. Each component must withstand the stresses of countless training sessions and keep reliable to perform in competition. The RACE bar diameter and comfortable grip are designed to prevent rider fatigue, while the carbon-reinforcement of the barstick provides precise performance over many long sessions. Safety is a top priority, especially in racing which is why the RACE Control Bar has the trustworthy ISO 21853 compliant Quick Release 4.0.

Technical highlights include the low friction RACE adjuster which is controlled by a 3:1 redirected trim system and the Dyneema reinforced depower rope, which is adjustable in length to ensure each rider can optimize their bar throw for their personal requirements. FLYSURFER is proud to offer such a reliable training device with excellent ergonomics, the highest quality materials and the best functionality. The RACE Control Bar is built for hydrofoilers and kite-buggyers who travel long distances and for ambitious competitors looking for the win.

Infinity 3.0 Airstyle CC Bar
Total package includes:

1x RACE Control Bar
1x Quick Release 4.0 [S]
1x 12m Flying Line Set
1x 3m Extension Line Set
1x RACE Bar Bag
1x Short Safety Leash
1x Bar Safety Guide

Bar Width55 cm
Depower Travel60 cm

Can the depower throw be shortened?

Yes, this was included as an important feature of the RACE Control Bar to allow each individual to set the bar up perfectly for their own requirements.

Is it possible to add a larger chicken loop?

The medium chicken loop can be obtained from a dealer or directly in the online shop.

When do you have to replace the depower rope and are there any indicators?

As soon as the black sheathing has rubbed off and the black line shows through, the depowering rope should be replaced. With every depower rope change we recommend changing the bar eyelet, which can be easily removed with two screws.

Can just the floaters be replaced?

The floaters can be changed or removed and can be obtained in pairs from a dealer or from our online shop. Removing the floaters reduces the floatation of the RACE Control Bar and is not recommended.

Can I shorten the back lines?

Yes, the back lines can be shortened using a knot conductor underneath the floater.

Why aren’t the 3m extension lines installed at the factory? Are there any other extension line options for fine tuning?

We recommend 12m flying lines for all sizes of the VMG for light wind usage; the additional 3m extensions can be fitted. Additionally, we offer the following RACE flying lines in the combination DC300 / DC161:

RACE Flying line set: 12m / 15m / 17m RACE Extension line set: 2m / 4m

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